Talon Crystal

Model Name: Crystal

Quality: Professional Match Ball

Material: Korean PU Shine 1.7 mm

Lamination: Cross Lamination of 2 Layers of Polyester mixed with cotton & 2 layers Polyester mixed with viscose, glued with 100% Natural Latex DRS 65%

Bladder: Taiwan Butyl Bladder with Butyl Valve for Longer Air Retension

Size: 32 Panel Size 5

Circumference: 68.5-69.5 CM

Weight: 420 – 445 Grams

Sphercity: Less than 1.5%

Rebound: 135 – 155 CM

Water Absorption: Less than 10%

Air Retention: Less than 20% AFTER 72 HOURS

Kicking Test: Qualified



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